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Living with IBS doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless — and our recipes prove that. From one-pan family staples to decadent desserts, we have a complete range of recipes that are certified by qualified dieticians and are sure to get your tastebuds dancing.


Let our team of dietitions, health and fitness experts and recipe developers guide you through your Low Fodmap journey. Gain access to insider knowledge you can’t find anywhere else and discover how to reduce your symptoms.


Want to know what The Low Fodmap Diet is all about? Our top experts show you how to live your healthiest life and reduce IBS symptoms through the most recognized dietarty therapy for IBS. Whether you’re just wanting to know how to get started, or looking for natural solutions for a specific health condition or we’ve got everything you need right here.


Lofofoodie is dedicated to helping everyone who suffers from IBS and other digestive health disorders, through information sharing, support, accurate information and education. Only those suffering with IBS can truly understand the impact it can have throughout every aspect of your daily life. It is important to know you are not alone and symptoms can be reduced by following the strict elimination phase of the Low Fodmap diet.

We support you through this journey with delicious recipes and aim to help guide you through the reintroduction of foods to your diet.

You can feel good again.